Each of our motorcycles has a unique story

We spend an average of 350 hours working on each of our motorcycles to be absolutely sure that we are giving you a machine that is absolutely perfect in every respect.  

Engine and frame

Our bikes are based on the original BMW K 1100 RS sports touring motorcycles. However, essentially only the engine and frame remain from the original machine once we are done.    

We disassemble the original motorcycle to the last screw. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we also get to use the rims, radiator, front suspension and the fuel tank. Everything else is new, mostly produced by us or made to order directly for our motorcycles. Thanks to our modifications, experience, technology and the materials used, the motorcycle will lose more than 100 kg of its original weight!

How do we modify the motorcycle?

Engine and clutch

For each engine, we check the pistons, condition of the valves and the compression pressure .


We completely disassemble the brake callipers, clean them and then repaint them. Of course, we also fit them with new brake cylinders, including all sealing rings.  We change the brake pads and brake discs. Brand new actuators and pipes for both brakes are standard for us.

Electrical system

We replace the electrical system completely, including all wiring, connectors, turn signals, lights, speedometer, etc. Not a single original cable remains when KONRAD is done.

Ergonomics and comfort

Each of our machines has a new stylish ergonomic seat and new handlebars with all the necessary controls. We fine-tune the footrests so that the sitting position is as comfortable as possible and at the same time allows the rider to have perfect control over the motorcycle. Our motorcycles are not intended as decorations – they are ready for a proper ride.

Air intake

For our machines, we had come up with a completely new air intake system for the engine, as well as with a new crankcase ventilation system.  

Exhausts, fenders, tires, paintjob and everything else

We install completely new exhaust systems on all our motorcycles – everything after the exhaust headers is new, including the exhaust. We also replace both fenders, tires and footrests. The whole motorcycle is newly painted.


Our KONRÁD is a unique, precisely processed original that combines a classic engine with modern technology. We think mainly of driving characteristics, comfort and minimalist design.

Thank you!

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