The original CAFE RACER not only for the city riding

Do you want to start your day differently? Do you want to change your journey to work into a first-class experience? Meet HANS. HANS is probably the first (successful) build of this type of motorcycle to a cafe racer in the world, which still retains the original design of the bike. HANS means originality and honest work. We devote an average of 450 hours of honest work to the reconstruction of each of our motorcycles. 

Stylish, modern, nifty and playful. HANS is a good boy who will take you in style wherever you need to go.
Welcome to the 21st century. Forget the keys. Unlock HANS with your phone in your pocket or with your fingerprint.
HANS prefers to drive inside of the city. But if you take him out of the city, he will show you his power. 180 km/h is not a problem for our boy.

We build our motorcycles with functionality at the forefront of our minds. Each of our machines has undergone a long testing procedure, so that we can offer you a motorcycle that will make your ride as joyous as possible.


HANS represents a perfect symbiosis of traditional construction and modern technologies. This combination will exceed your expectations. LED lights, turn signals integrated into the ends of the handlebars, digital control unit with the possibility of connection via Bluetooth, digital alarm clock and much more.

We build each motorcycle with our own hands in our workshop in the Czech republic. The result of our honest craftsmanship is a stylish motorcycle that excels in its minimalist design.  




Top speed
185 km/h 



From 0 to 100km/h

Number of seats
1 / 2

Hours of work
cca 450 hodin

Number of gears

We always work with the CB500 mostly the RS model, with the date of production around 2000 and lower tens of thousands of kilometres on the odometer. We retain only the original frame and engine with gearbox and driveshaft. Everything else is new, mostly produced by us or made to order directly for our motorcycles.

11 999 EUR.

including VAT

All our motorcycles are 100% legal compliant for czech roads (EU legal).
We provide a design warranty for all our motorcycles and we also service them.
Worldwide shipping is available, delivery costs not included.
  •  Custom paintjob per client’s wishes
  •  Keyless starting with a mobile phone 
  •  Keyless starting with a fingerprint
  •  Digital control unit with Bluetooth
  •  Connection to the Mo.ride smartphone app
  •  LED headlight
  • Front LED turn signals integrated into the handlebars
  • Integrated tail light and rear turn signals
  •  Custom gauges
  •  Powder coated frame 
  •  New brake pads and discs 
  •  In general – a brand new motorcycle :-)
  •  Completely new wiring and connectors
  •  Custom foot peg sets
  •  Designer handlebars with custom controls
  •  Control cable wiring hidden in handlebars
  •  Lithium battery
  •  Floating brake discs
  •  New brake actuators and pipes
  •  New tires
  •  Complete servicing and tuning of clutch and gearbox
  • New chain set
  •  Replacement of all bearings
  •  BM custom aluminium upper triple clamp
  •  BM custom seat and seat base
  •  BM custom exhaust pipes and tips
  •  BM custom front and rear fender
  •  BM custom paintjob on rims
  •  BM custom engine air intake system
  •  Complete engine cleaning and tuning
  • New rear shocks
  •  Complete servicing, cleaning and painting of brake callipers
  •  New crankcase ventilation
  •  Replacement of all screws; we use zinc exclusively
  •  Weight loss of almost 60kg

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