We build design motorcycles with a Czech soul

Peculiar, handmade, original motorcycles, built in the deep forests of the Czech Sudetenland.
Custom motorcycle / builds.

KONRAD : sportster / caferacer / scrambler

Unique raw engine power combined with modern technology. This is KONRAD.

100 hp tamed in the unique design of the BMW one-litre engine. Honest manual craftsmanship with an emphasis on detail and classic minimalist design. All this perfectly combined with the use of modern technologies for the most intense experience and an unforgettable feeling of a proper motorcycle. 

Motorcycle story

Each of our motorcycles is completely unique.

We disassemble the whole motorcycle to the last screw. Basically only the frame and the BMW engine remain in our KONRAD from the original machine. Everything else is new – in part produced by us or made to order directly for our machines. You can read below about everything we have to do before an ordinary motorcycle becomes a KONRAD. 

Our story

Family tradition in a rough region

Almost 100 years have passed since our great-grandfather built the first motorcycle. We don’t race our bikes on ice like he did, and honestly we don't even have balls for that. We have decided to keep going the tradition established by our great-grandfather and we are proud of it every single day. We build honest machines that resistant to changes in time and taste and stand out from the boring grey sea of mass-produced motorcycles. Just as our great-grandfather once did. 


Honest craftsmanship


A matter of design


Every motorcycle is original


Made in the Czech Republic / Sudetenland


Our KONRAD is a unique, precisely manufactured original that combines a classic engine with modern technology. Our main focus are the driving characteristics, comfort and minimalist design.


After receiving your order, we will contact you and prepare a non-binding offer tailored to your liking, which will contain all the necessary details, delivery date and a fixed price. After approving the offer and signing the contract, we will send you an invoice for 50% of the motorcycle’s price. After the advance invoice is paid, your new Sudeten motorcycle will be included in our production plan.  



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