Own path
to uniqueness

Peculiar, hand-made, original reconstructions of motorcycles, built on a century-old tradition in the deep Czech forests.

Everything we produce is custom manufacturing. We will help you choose the concept of your bike, its individual components and the overall final design so that the result is the motorcycle of your dreams.

Hand made

We dedicate hundreds of hours of honest handwork to each of our motorcycles in our workshop in the Czech republic.

Custom made

We are Czech manufacturers, so whether you choose one of our current models or you choose something new, we will always adjust everything to your wishes.


Every motorcycle we make is a unique original. Each of our motorcycles is the only one in the world. 

Czech tradition

We are a family company that is working in the field of rebuilding bikes for almost 100 years.



We build unique, timeless bikes, which we adjust to our customers. Our client will get a unique motorcycle from us that is one of the kind in the world. All our bikes are created by honest handwork in our workshop in the Czech republic.



Almost 100 years have passed since our great-grandfather built the first motorcycle. We don’t race our bikes on ice like he did, and honestly we don't even have balls for that. We have decided to keep going the tradition established by our great-grandfather and we are proud of it every single day.

We spend an average of 450 hours of honest manual work on every motorcycle we made in our workshop in the Czech republic.

Each of our motorcycles is the only one in the world. Each of our motorcycles has its own story and its soul. We rescue most of our motorcycles nearly from the junkyard. Thanks to us, former motorcycle legends gain new life through a combination of honest handwork and modern technology.

Focus on detail.

Each of our bikes is a unique original.

We build our motorcycles primarily for riding. Elegant and stylish riding. 


BMW K100 / 100HP / 225km/h

Honda CB 500 / 58HP / 185km/h

Custom build

Do you want the motorcycle of your dreams?

Thank you!

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