Ride like a gentleman! 

KONRAD means going your own way

KONRAD combines two completely different worlds. The original unique one-litre BMW engine and the present-day modern technology. As these different worlds meet, a machine is created that gives you an exceptionally joyous feeling and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

100 hp of raw power in a one-litre engine

The KONRAD boasts a unique, original, four-stroke, liquid-cooled 16-valve in-line four-cylinder BMW engine with a capacity of 1,092 cm³.

Modern technology

Inside, KONRAD hides the best available technology that will further enhance your experience. Keys are out of style. Our KONRAD will simply recognise you – just keep your mobile phone in your pocket. LED lights and turn signals are a given, and they are only the beginning.

Design and elegance

When you look at KONRAD, you immediately see an exceptional machine. We build each motorcycle with our own hands in our workshop. The result of our honest craftsmanship is a stylish motorcycle that excels in its minimalist design.  

Ergonomics and comfort

Even the fastest and most beautiful motorcycle in the world is useless if you cannot ride it. We build our motorcycles with functionality at the forefront of our minds. Each of our machines has undergone a long testing procedure, so that we can offer you a motorcycle that will make your ride as joyous as possible.

Smart Bike concept

Thanks to the modern Bluetooth control unit, you can easily connect KONRAD to a smartphone app. The app allows you to monitor and evaluate your driving data, view your past trips, find out where you parked, check the voltage, monitor your service intervals and much more.


Using the same basis, we can create four basic styles at the request of our customers. You can simply choose your own.  

sportster / cafe clasic / cafe racer / scrambler





How much does KONRAD cost?

In Blažek MOTO, we build only one version of our motorcycles – the best version. KONRAD is not a cheap toy – it is an honest, hand-built motorcycle created to give you the maximum amount of joy and fun. For your money, you will be receiving a unique, original machine, full of modern technologies. It takes us over 350 hours of honest manual work to produce each of our motorcycles, and we are rightly proud of every single hour of work we put in our machines.

Each of our motorcycles is an original, fine-tuned to the smallest of details!

The whole motorcycle is disassembled until no screw remains. We retain only the original frame and engine with gearbox and driveshaft. If we are lucky, we can also keep the radiator and both rims.  Everything else is new, mostly produced by us or made to order directly for our motorcycles.

Production plan

Building the KONRAD will take us about 5 to 6 weeks of hard work. We are currently still accepting orders for 2021.  

Technical specification

The technical specifications may differ slightly depending on the choice of the original motorcycle from which KONRAD was made. We always work with the BMW K110, mostly the RS model, with the date of production around 1990 and a lower tens of thousands of kilometres on the odometer. We carefully select and inspect all parent motorcycles so that they meet the strict criteria for compliance with our quality standards.

  • Horizontally mounted, water-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine
  • DOHC injection
  • Volume 1,092ccm
  • Power 73kw / 100 hp at 7500 rpm
  •   Torque 105 Nm
  • Compression ratio 11 to 1
  • Number of gears: 5
  • Front brakes: 2x four-piston Brembo
  • Rear brakes: 1x single-piston Brembo
  • Dry weight approx. 180kg
  • Fuel tank capacity 22l
  • From 0 to 100 km/h in approx. 3.8s
  • Top speed 225km/h

Accessories to order

  • Frame sliders
  • USB power connector for handlebars
  • Heated handles
  • Wire spoke wheels

(Accessory prices on request.)


17 250 EUR
  •  Custom paintjob per client’s wishes
  •  Keyless starting with a mobile phone
  •  Digital control unit with Bluetooth
  •  Connection to the Mo.ride smartphone app
  •  LED headlight, tail light and turn signals
  •  Custom foot peg sets
  •  Completely new wiring and connectors
  •  Designer handlebars with custom controls
  •  Control cable wiring hidden in handlebars
  •  Custom gauges
  •  Lithium battery
  •  Floating brake discs
  •  New tires
  •  New aluminium upper triple clamp
  •  New brake actuators and pipes
  •  Powder coated frame
  •  New crankcase ventilation
  •  New brake pads
  •  Replacement of all bearings
  •  BM custom seat and seat base
  •  BM custom exhaust pipes and tips
  •  BM custom front and rear fender
  •  BM custom paintjob on rims
  •  BM custom engine air intake system
  •  Complete engine cleaning and tuning
  •  Complete servicing and tuning of clutch and gearbox
  •  Complete servicing and cleaning of the driveshaft
  •  Complete cleaning of shock absorbers
  •  Complete servicing, cleaning and painting of brake callipers
  •  Complete servicing and replacement of components in the oil-water pump
  •  Replacement of all screws; we use zinc exclusively
  •  Weight loss of almost 100kg
  •  In general – a brand new motorcycle :-)


25 600 EUR
  • All from KONDAR
  • Upside-down front fork Ohlins
  • Sport back suspension Ohlins
  • Sport brakes Brembo
  • Sport brake discs Brembo
  • Custom Akrapovic exhaust

Ride like a gentleman!

Are you looking for something smaller?

HANS. Ride in style and with ease.

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